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    19 Rad Recipes Every '90s Snack Junkie Will Appreciate

    Dunkaroos and TRL at my crib after school?

    1. Hot Pockets


    This modern take on the Hot Pocket is just like the '90s staple, except with maybe a few more edible ingredients.

    2. Cosmic Brownies


    These fudgy, chocolatey squares of goodness are out of this world. Get the stellar recipe here.

    3. Fruit Roll-Ups


    A colorful tongue was always a symbol of high status on a '90s playground. Get the recipe for DIY fruit roll-ups here.

    4. Bagel Bites


    Who needs a human bae when bae-gle bites exist? Find the recipe for homemade pizza bagels here.

    5. Rice Krispy Treats


    Eat anything but Rice Krispie Treats after a totally wack day at school? As if! Recipe here.

    6. Cup of Dirt


    This treat is buggin' in all the right ways.

    7. Pop Tarts


    To toast or not to toast? That is the question. Recipe here.

    8. Twinkies


    Eerily artificial. Entirely delicious. Recipe here.

    9. Goldfish


    Get the recipe for grown-up Goldfish here.

    10. Lunchables

    More like fun-chables, am I right? Here's how to make what all the cool kids were eating at lunchtime.

    11. Sno-Balls


    The only thing better than an edible snow ball is an edible snow ball that was also pink. Find the recipe for these pretty pastries here.

    12. Toaster Strudels


    Before Gretchen Wieners made them cool, your mom was serving up Toaster Strudels every morning before you raced off to homeroom. Get the recipe for these fetch copycats here.

    13. Teddy Graham Sand-Pudding Cups


    Teddy Grahams AND edible sand?? This recipe is a shore hit.

    14. Bugles


    Because sticking these on your fingertips and pretending they were a new mani made you the queen of recess. Check out a sugary twist on the salty classic here.

    15. Handi-Snacks


    The only problem with this '90s classic? Never. Enough. Cheese. Be sure to make an ample amount with this recipe.

    16. Capri Sun


    The OG '90s juicebox. Get the recipe for this summer slush here.

    17. Trix Yogurt Ice Pops


    Yogurt is still healthy if it's fluorescent and cotton candy-flavored, right? Take a chill pill with these Trix-flavored ice pops.

    18. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars


    Good Humor. Great ice cream. Recreate the berry-licious classic with this recipe.

    19. Dunkaroo Dip


    Sweet, satisfying and endlessly fun, having Dunkaroos at snack time signified that your lunch box was tight as hell. Check out the recipe for Dunkaroo dip here.

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