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    19 Rad Recipes Every '90s Snack Junkie Will Appreciate

    Dunkaroos and TRL at my crib after school?

    1. Hot Pockets

    2. Cosmic Brownies

    3. Fruit Roll-Ups

    4. Bagel Bites

    5. Rice Krispy Treats

    6. Cup of Dirt

    7. Pop Tarts

    8. Twinkies

    9. Goldfish

    10. Lunchables

    11. Sno-Balls

    12. Toaster Strudels

    13. Teddy Graham Sand-Pudding Cups

    14. Bugles

    15. Handi-Snacks

    16. Capri Sun

    17. Trix Yogurt Ice Pops

    18. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bars

    19. Dunkaroo Dip