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17 Faces Anyone Who's Accidentally Called Their Teacher "Mom" Will Recognize

The mother of all embarrassing moments.

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1. *Calls teacher mom*



2. *Calls teacher mom*

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*Joins the Witness Protection Program*

3. *Calls teacher mom*


*Poops a bit*

4. *Calls teacher mom*

CBS / Via

*Cries Justin Timberlake an actual river*

5. *Calls teacher mom*

*Would rather be at a Smash Mouth concert*

6. *Calls teacher mom*

NBC / Via

*Rubs vanishing cream over entire body*

7. *Calls teacher mom*


*Realizes the time you threw up at that 7th grade assembly no longer seems that bad*

8. *Calls teacher mom*


*Would rather eat mayonnaise*

9. *Calls teacher mom*


*Wishes for fiery, hoverboard-induced death*

10. *Calls teacher mom*


*Deletes all forms of social media, becomes The Revenant*

11. *Calls teacher mom*

The CW / Via

*Prays to Oprah*

12. *Calls teacher mom*

Sony / Via

*Begins drinking*

13. *Calls teacher mom*


*Prepares for another year of getting picked last in gym class*

14. *Calls teacher mom*

NBC / Via

*Relocates to the top of Mount Crumpet, heart shrinks three sizes, becomes the Grinch*

15. *Calls teachers mom*

Comedy Central

*Contours face until utterly unrecognizable*

16. *Calls teacher mom*

Disney / Via

*Applies for Extreme Makeover: Life Edition*

17. *Calls teacher mom*

*Flees town, seeks refuge with Frank Ocean and Rihanna's eighth album*

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