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16 Things You’re Sure To Understand If You’re A Serial Intern

It's a lot of work, work, work, work, work, work.

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1. You’re getting slightly tired of hearing your family and friends say that you’ll find a “real” job soon.

2. You actually enjoy the relative freedom offered by a no-strings-attached learning opportunity.

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3. And you like that internships allow you to get a taste of different things.

They're like the appetizer samplers of the corporate world.

4. TBH, you’ve had enough of hearing your salaried peers complain about how “little” they’re paid.

5. And you’re also sort of over-explaining to people that interning and volunteering are two very different things.

6. You’ve got to work a bit harder to mingle with the office in-crowd.

7. And if you do make close friends, you remain cognizant of the fact that your time together may be limited.

8. Your idea of “benefits” is getting free coffee from the office Keurig.


9. And you eat a shit ton of your employer’s snacks to make up for your lack of salary.


10. Anytime you interview for a new job, potential employers like to ask why your last internship didn’t hire you full-time.


Ummmm, it’s hard out there and ain’t nobody hiring.

11. You totally love hearing acquaintances or family members blame your choice of college major as the reason for your lack of a salaried position.


12. You don’t feel guilty leaving the office on time every day.


Less money less problems.

13. You’re low-key nervous about taking a full-time job that might end up being boring as hell.


14. Even though people continue to remind you that you should take a stable job even if it is boring as hell.


*Rolls eyes for 24 hours*

15. You’ve given up on justifying why you’re interning instead of having a full-time, salaried job, because you’re doing you and that’s all that matters.


16. And you know that, ultimately, the varied and in-depth experience you’ve garnered from being an intern will allow you to thrive at your next job.

Now get out there and slay a bit, kweens!

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