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13 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

Love yourselfie.

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1. Aerie

Aerie has been playing their part to help promote positive body image within the fashion industry, launching campaigns featuring untouched models and challenging the norms of traditional advertisements. As such, their Instagram account proves a haven for body positivity.

2. Project Heal

Project Heal is a nonprofit organization that "raises funds for eating disorder treatment & believes recovery from an ED is possible." Their posts are often inspirational and enlightening, with a focus on a positive recovery experience.

3. Healthy Is the New Skinny

A clothing and lifestyle brand "dedicated to creating a healthy image in the media for girls and women," Healthy Is the New Skinny creates body-positive products and posts that emphasize the importance of health over an ideal beauty image.

4. Proud2BMe

Proud2BMe is an "online community for and by young people who want to change the way we talk about food, weight, and body image." Their posts are informative and inspiring, and are often informed by current events and pop culture.


5. Eat The Cake

Dedicated to positive posts meant to highlight "women inspiring [other] women," Eat the Cake is a body-positive blog with a feminist influence.

6. Joanna Thangiah

Joanna Thangiah is an artist who has dedicated her craft to creating pieces that focus on mental health and feminism. Her portrayals of women are both honest and progressive.

7. Beauty In Curves

Though Beauty In Curves is technically a denim brand, the company is dedicated to not only selling clothes, but to promoting a positive attitude toward body image. The brand celebrates the strength and beauty of women embracing their bodies.

8. Style Has No Size

Style Has No Size, run by stylist Edith Dohmen, celebrates "size diversity," and focuses on fashion and clothing that is all-inclusive.


9. Nourish and Eat

Nourish and Eat is an account that promotes and highlights self-love, and offers positive affirmations for those in the wake of eating disorder recovery.

10. The Body Book

The Body Book's Instagram account is more than just supplementary material to Cameron Diaz's lifestyle book of the same name. The account shares recipes and inspirational quotes, as well as testimonials from real women.

11. Curve Inspire

Curve Inspire encourages women to love their curves and to embrace body positivity. They often use humorous photos, quotes, and cartoons to enhance their uplifting posts.

12. Super Model Emme

The official Instagram account for Emme, the first plus-sized supermodel, SuperModelEmme shares tips and testimonials from the progressive supermodel herself.

13. The Self Love Project

The Self Love Project is described as a "non-profit, self love mentoring curriculum that empowers young women to love, trust, and nurture themselves." They often share uplifting quotes and affirmations that promote a positive self-esteem and an optimistic lifestyle.

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