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    • kyled10

      The only joke in this article is that Jeff is terrible at decision making.
      - The guy makes $80 grand a year and lives like Shaq.
      - He flunks out of a second-rate university for partying
      - He’s working on his second divorce
      - He decides that Microsoft products will be his savior.
      - He joins the military because he has no discernable skill set useful for the private sector, and believes that the military will provide this skill set ( This is a common lie spread by recruiters, but I digress). This is the same type of dude who would decide to invest in a door-to-door knife sales business.  However, what this article does reveal is that if you suck at life- join the military’s bloated ranks, and stumble your way to $80 grand a year! If this is the only example buzzfeed can come up with for the terrible effects of the sequester, it sounds like congress finally did get their sh*t together.

    • kyled10

      Was this article written as a veiled Micosoft propaganda piece? Are we supposed to feel sorry that IE, which has a nortorious history of standards compliance, is suddenly worried about the fate of the W3C? Webkit has done a damn good job of complying with W3C standards, and developers as well as the general public will all be better off because of it.  On a last note, as a developer, I utterly refuse to give a shit about making my sites compliant with legacy IE trash.

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