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    Nailed It! My Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2014

    I know I'm late on this, but some of this year's celebrity Halloween costumes are just too awesome/funny/ridiculous not to talk about. Here are my favorites:

    1. Rihanna

    MTV / Via

    As a lifelong TMNT fan, I have a lot of love for this Raphael costume that Rihanna rocked this Halloween. Rihanna is just OK in my book, but Rihphael I can get on board with.

    2. Kelly Osbourne

    Daily Mail / Via

    Kelly makes a better Paltrow than Paltrow with her Margot Tenenbaum outfit. It's not hard to win me over with this one considering that The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my all-time favorite films.

    3. Joe Jonas

    Buzzfeed / Via

    The former Jonas Brother (and still Jonas brother) made this Derek Zoolander outfit work perfectly. Is it ok to say it may be even better than Magnum?

    4. Taylor Swift

    NPR / Via

    I may have punched out on Swifty after she disappointed me with 1989 and her rudely pulling all her music from Spotify, but this "Pegacorn" costume is pretty adorable. Though am I the only one who thought unicorns had wings to begin with? Who's to say they don't?

    5. Neil Patrick Harris (and family)

    Popsugar / Via

    OK, so you knew this one would be on here seeing as NPH and kin have gained a reputation for great costumes over the past few years. This year's theme was pretty straight forward but Neil's cane and his kid's poses make this.

    6. Lily Allen

    Celebuzz / Via

    Some backstory on this one: Lily's good friend Kesha is currently suing producer Dr. Luke (get it?). If you look closely at the nametag, you can see what type of medicine she accuses Luke of practicing. Allen wins this year's award for "Most Shade Thrown Via Costume".

    7. Jessica Alba

    Popsugar / Via

    Note to self: Obtain an invitation to Kate Hudson's Halloween party. That's where a lot of the best celebrity costume photos seem to come from and this Jessica Alba as Slash (with Axl Rose in tow) is no exception.

    8. Katy Perry

    Us Magazine / Via

    This was probably the most talked about celebrity costume this year, but honestly it's just not my favorite. I guess the big shock here is that she went from sweet to savory (or spicy)?

    9. Miley Cyrus's Friend

    Elle / Via

    I could take or leave Miley as Dolly Parton, but her friend as Cher from Clueless is fantastic... even if Iggy Azalea did kind of do it first. Speaking of Iggy...

    10. Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea / Via

    Though Demi might not look a whole lot like Lucille Ball, she sure doesn't look like Demi Lovato either. Meanwhile Iggy is creepy and funny in her White Chicks costume (runner up for shade throwing, BTW). Oh yeah and J Lo's there.

    11. Courtney Cox

    Elle / Via

    This is straight up terrifying and if you didn't tell me who it was I would have no idea. I'd never see Annabelle to begin with, but I certainly won't now.

    12. Zach Braff

    Just Jared / Via

    Zach Braff as Kurt Russell with Kurt Russell as Kurt Russell. It's like Inception —Just don't think about it too hard.

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