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    11 Non-Santa Holiday Costume Ideas

    Holiday parties always seem to be lacking the fun and merriment you'd expect from such a festive time. I think this could be solved with by bringing some cosplay to the holiday... Enough with the ugly sweaters and the Santa Claus robes, I've compiled a list of fun costumes to propose. And since all things Christmas need be written in rhyme, I've acted accordingly... at least most of the time.

    1. Olaf / Via

    "Do you want to build a snowman?" sang adorable young Anna. That snowman was named Olaf, shown here as a pajama.

    2. The Gingerbread Man / Via

    Though normally a fun and tasty treat for the holidays, this Gingerbread Man will chase any nibblers away. Inspired by Shrek, of which you might be a fan, you may get some queries regarding the Muffin Man.

    3. Buddy and Jovie / Via

    Ricky Bobby and the New Girl made a film some years ago, about a grown Elf named Buddy directed by Jon Favreau. Some found it silly but others fantastic, regardless this comedy is a now holiday classic.

    4. The Grinch / Via

    This costume is perfect if the holidays you wish to troll; no caroler would touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole.

    5. Ralphie's Pink Bunny Costume / Via

    Those who get the joke will think this outfit is funny, others will wonder why you're a deranged Easter Bunny.

    6. Leg Lamp Skirt / Via

    A lamp shade for a skirt? That's what this is, yes. Just like in the film they play yearly on TBS. A Christmas Story plays 24 hours...with commercials, but it resumes, and now it's been represented in both the last two costumes.

    7. John McClane / Via Flickr: brylyn

    Die Hard may not be a film you would watch on Christmas Day, but it still counts in my book, so yippee ki-yay.

    8. Jack Skellington/Sandy Claws / Via

    Though technically a Santa outfit, AKA "Sandy Claws", this Halloween/Christmas mashup would surely drop jaws.

    9. Nutcracker / Via

    Part classic, part creepy, this nutcracker is a heck of a thing. You can stare blankly at others like the Burger mascot King.

    10. Spiderman / Via

    If you're wondering if Spidey made this list merely contractually, then you my dear friend must have not seen Love, Actually. With crustaceans expanding a cast list so scant, the audience for this pageant would soon be surprised by Hugh Grant.

    11. Reindeer / Via

    There is yet one more costume that has popped into my head; what about the reindeer that pull Santa's sled? They dash and they prance, rushing and running, but based on this costume, they can still look stunning.

    I hope you've enjoyed my slant rhymes and snark, and I trust in your brain some ideas I have sparked. I guess it's about time for me to call it a day, but.. oh yeah, I forgot — Happy Holidays!

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