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    Oops! 10 Most Embarrasing Translation And Interpreting Fails

    I work in the translation sector. Quality is everything to us - we live and die by it. As anyone who is involved in language services will know, you have to work with freelancers; in this case freelance translators and interpreters. So, no matter how much time and effort you put into ensuring you only work with top-notch freelancers, human error and infallibilty does and will get in the way of quality. Here are real-life 10 epic fails carried out by translators and/or interpreters when on the job!

    1. Don't Flush

    2. First Impressions

    3. Olympic Spirit

    4. You did what??

    5. Stayin' Awake

    6. What the...?

    7. Read the email

    8. Talk to the Hand

    9. Better Early that Never?

    10. What's in a name?