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16 Things You Only Understand If You Studied Abroad In England

Welcome to the "Truly United Kingdom"

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1. The Feeling You Get When British People Say Cheers To You

2. When the Bartender Takes Forever to Find Your D.O.B on Your ID

3. The Awkward Language Barrier

And No. We don't "queue." We WAIT IN A LINE!

And No. We don't "queue." We WAIT IN A LINE!

4. When Your Non-British Accent Gets Made Fun Of

5. When You're Confused by the Difference Between "Chips" & "Crisps"

6. When You Discovered the Beauty of Cider

And enough of it will even make you drunk!

7. Tea Became Your New Source of Caffeine

8. When You Tell Someone British That You're From CA and They Respond With "Oh I Went to Orlando Once"

9. Learning that Every Part of England has its Own Distinct Accent is Bizarre to You

10. If You Didn't Have a Tom, Jack, or Olly in Your Class Did You Even Study Abroad in England?

11. When British People Asked You "You Alright?" "Uh YEAH. Should I Not Be?"

12. When 50ºF Felt Like 80º

13. No Toilet Seat Covers? #TheStruggleIsReal


14. Clubs Are Poppin Every Night of the Week

Club Goin' Up On a Tuesday...But Actually...Like Today is Actually Tuesday...

15. You Finally Understand the "Posh" in Posh Spice

She is so posh

16. Every Time You Came Back to England from a Eurotrip it Felt Like You Were Coming Home

England--A 5-Star Experience!

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