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    The 10 Best Yoga Instagram Accounts

    Get inspired by these "insta-yogis!" Warning: do not attempt advanced poses just because you see them done on Instagram. These yogis have practiced for years and listen to their bodies. Namaste.

    1. @gypsetgoddess

    Via Instagram: @Gypsetgoddess

    This goddess' legs reach super impressive extensions, creating trailing lines in her postures.

    2. @brianmilleryoga

    Via Instagram: @brianmilleryoga

    This yogi dominates some seriously advanced asanas and somehow makes them look easy!

    3. @fitqueenirene

    Instagram: @fitqueenirene

    This yogini's flexibility is truly unbelievable! Her photos at times will make your mouth drop open in awe.

    4. @carsonclaycalhoun

    Instagram: @carsonclaycalhoun

    @fitqueenirene's friend in real life, this monkey-at-heart fills his account with incredible demonstrations of (core) strength. This ginger also enjoys beatboxing while inverted.

    5. @beachyogagirl

    Instagram: @beachyogagirl

    This woman does yoga (you guessed it!) on the beach!

    6. @tjhark

    Instagram: @tjhark

    This cutie from the insta-yoga community impresses with his displays of flexibility and wins you over with his smile :)

    7. @YogaBeyond

    Instagram: @yogabeyond

    Honza and Claudine are a couple that pioneer the partner practice of acroyoga, a combination of acrobatics and yoga done in pairs. Lingo: one person "anchors" while the other "flies." These two make for a beautiful couple and together they produce some gorgeous content!

    8. @patrickbeach

    Instagram: @patrickbeach

    This feline-loving hipster yogi wows with his steady, arrow-straight inversions and amazing haircut.

    9. @yoga_girl

    Instagram: @yoga_girl

    Rachel Brathen, aka @yoga_girl, takes us with her on her frequent international trips and incorporates aspects of her daily island-life in Aruba, like her pack of dogs. Ringo <3 She started #yogaeverydamnday, the second most popular yoga hashtag after #yoga, with over 292,000 posts as of September 2013.

    10. @laurasykora

    Instagram: @LauraSykora

    This insta-celebrity has the most followed yoga-related account on Instagram and uses it to mix two of her passions: yoga and photography. Using her backyard as the backdrop for her photos gives her pictures a seasonal flair and when her "minis" (her children) cameo it's the cutest!

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