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    • kuroshf

      I can appreciate the difficulties of sexism towards women, but why isn’t there any posts about sexism towards men on Buzzfeed? If there are, why isn’t there any exposure to them? I read buzz feed daily, I am pro-choice, pro-marriage, against pretty much any form of racism (except for Chris Rock’s stand ups, they are timeless) and I stand for Gay rights as well as human rights. I proactively help communities and make a prolific point against ignorance and xenophobia. Yet, I am forced to feel like some sort of pig for being a gender that has had a history of forcing sexism onto to our equally abled counterpart. Why is this the case? Why is it ok to be so insulting to a general group and not the individual? It makes me incredibly frustrated and offended that you don’t represent the male gender as the multi-sided preverbal coin that we are. You know, just like women are You seem to be on a (much needed) war path of the female stereotype which is truly excellent but in the same breath, you post hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of men such as your godly Gosling either half naked or in a a way that represents them as just meat. If claim sexism is such an important issue, then please represent the male gender appropriately, we are all monsters that we are being depicted as. It isn’t fair to be told that “you are a man, just deal with it.” which I seem to hear any time I raise this issue. I hope that you really look at this and understand, that in my mind, Buzzfeed is starting to show a rather ugly side to itself. Once again, I’m not saying to start posting male only sexism articles, but you really should show the other side in the same posts that have such ambiguous titles as this particular article.

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