How To Dress Boys

Boys equal the future men. It is wise to teach them about style…

I hope my son will understand that even though the world of fashion can be confusing it is fun once you master it…

You can always go with dressing as a bear. My personal recommendations are: polar bear and koala.

A safe solution for all times is elegance.

I think it is great when you will hear people talk about you and look at your outfits with great interest.

As I keep saying: “bring those colors out!”

Even when you are sleeping… Colors will make colorful dreams…

Your confidence comes within you. If you are a real MAN you do not need to prove to the world how macho you are.
Do not be afraid to put on a light cardigan… And you are never too young to accessorize..

I think dressing similarly as your loved ones time to time is a real fun. Do not ever listen to those who say this will make you loose your identity… That is just silly!

In Project Runway (designers compete with one and other) Michael Kors (one of the judges of this Tv show) said with irony: “how practical”.
Well even if not always, but dressing in a practical way can be amongst your priorities when travelling. Loose fitted and warm clothes work the best.

Never be afraid to experiment!!!

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