• kuehn533

      I would never consider any specific breed to be “vicious” or “agressive”, due to the fact that any dog can be trained, or untrained for that matter, unsocialized, abused and or respond out of fear/pain under the wrong circumstances! Labeling any specific breed as good or bad can cause people or other animals to get hurt. I have been an animal control officer, worked at a grooming/pet shop and have owned numerous different breeds, and I can honestly say that I have seen just as many small dogs as big dogs show signs of bad behaviour! I would also like to thank the writer of this article for possibly dooming the Dachshund breed to a whole host of backyard breeders wanting to make oodles of money throwing any of their poorly bred dogs together to breed, so they can supply the demand. (Complete sarcasm!!!!). If one was to do the research they would know that Dachschunds were bred to “go to ground” after some pretty adversarial game. They are fearless in their pursuit. Needless to say, this breed is not for everybody. Unfortunately, due to their breeding for long backs, injuries are common they can be expensive, even fatal if injured. I do love the breed, just don’t want to see it end up like so many “Best in Show breeds” when “everybody wants one”!

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