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    • KTReader

      Growing up,Ihad family who were Adventists. Since my immediate family was pretty irreligious and “unchurched,” on occasion I’d get invited to visit the services and gatherings of my SDA cousins. My memories from those Saturday morning experiences? The quarterly “Sunday” school books/mags (I thinkImight still haveacouple inabox somewhere), puppet shows (a HUGE pre-teen activity, as well as singing in the youth choir), communion, washing of feet (that’s whenIrealized pantyhose feel the same wet as dry), and of course the food served at potlucks at church or atamember’s home (“What IS this stuff?” YetIate it.Ialso found it peculiar they didn’t eat catfish, straight blasphemy to our Southern cuisine). And the pastor and his family were from California (and thus had strange accents to my Georgia ears) and would talk about it often, as it seemed they missed italot.  Overall, it wasn’tabad experience.Ifound them to be very family- and community-oriented, kind, welcoming, mild-tempered for the most part and very devoted to their faith. Oh,Ido recall my cousin attending an Adventist academy forafew years of her schooling. However, this was the same cousin who wasaGirl Scout with me (so no SDA girl scouting experience for he). After all that,Ilater became Catholic.

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