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    Why The NFL's Breakout Defensive Star Got Punched In The Face

    Richard Sherman had some choice words for the Redskins and their fans, and it ended with him getting some physical retribution.

    This is Richard Sherman.

    Dean Rutz/Seattle Times/MCT

    A member of the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman is quickly becoming known as 1) one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL and 2) one of its most prolific, vocal trash-talker/trolls. Earlier in the season, he launched a focused meme-attack at future Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady, and after last weekend's playoff win over the Washington Redskins, Trent Williams punched him in the face. Getting a guy, particularly a 300-plus-pound lineman, to punch you in the face is no small feat, so it begged the question: what did Sherman do?

    Here's the punch. I mean, Williams really knocks him.

    In the live telecast, you can't tell what happened — just that Sherman got hit, and then he waved a mocking goodbye.

    But it turns out, the NFL had a really great idea — mic Sherman up for the game. Turns out, he was spraying invective pretty much everywhere — not really a surprise that he eventually got hit.

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    He delivered an admirably concise message to Pierre Garcon after sending him down with a block during the game.

    Later on, as the Seahawks wrapped things up, Sherman had something to say to the Washington, D.C. crowd.

    When he and Williams confront each other during the postgame hand-shake, Williams looms over him.

    Sherman says, "What you gonna do, boy." Williams responds, "I'm gonna punch you in your [blanked] face." Sherman says, "Well do, then." And Williams does. Afterward, Sherman says, "I didn't do nothing, he came up to me."

    Fortunately, it ends on a good note: Sherman and Robert Griffin, who just tore up his knee, embracing and telling each other how mutually proud they are.