A Seahawks Player Trolled Tom Brady On Twitter After Beating Him


In Week 6 NFL action, the Seattle Seahawks beat the New England Patriots 24-23. It’s tempting to call this an upset — and, technically, it is; the Patriots were favored by 4 — but both teams went into the game at 3-2, even if one of those Seattle wins was the replacement-ref Hail-Mary debacle. And Seattle, despite rookie QB Russell Wilson’s learning curve, has been an effective team with a ferocious defense.

However, these are the Patriots, and this is Tom Brady, so let’s call it an upset. Despite Brady’s I’m-an-Uggs-model public image, he’s a pretty fierce competitor, and it sounds like he expected the Patriots to come out on top, if these tweets from Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman are any indication.

ID: 639564

2. First, Sherman needled Brady and boasted of Seattle’s fans.

ID: 639538

3. Then, delivering the killshot, Sherman accused Brady of this:

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This is some classic, Internet-style trolling done by an NFL player — looks like the dude might even have some Photoshop skills, unless this is a commissioned piece of art. Either way, Sherman’s tweet will definitely count as a significant shot fired. Whatever the result of the game today, Brady’s a guy with three Super Bowl rings and two NFL MVP trophies on his foyer at home; Sherman has started a grand total of 16 games. But this is how you make a name for yourself in the league, and today at least, Sherman’s the one laughing.

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