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    The U.S. Women's Gymnasts Have Been Tweeting With Every Famous Person

    Like, every single one. Including Obama, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

    Mr. President?

    I'ma let you finish, but... I'm sorry.

    Now before you're like, "Ha, Bruce Jenner, what a bewitched mannequin wildling," remember that Bruce Jenner was actually at one point a pretty great/popular Olympic decathlete.

    Lady Gaga's apparently been watching.

    And was excited when she heard that McKayla Maroney tweeted at her.

    Justin Bieber was stoked, even though he's Canadian.

    Pretty great moment when he tried to take credit for their success. #BeliebersWinGOLD

    Remember: all's well that ends well.

    Kim Kardashian thought they were ADORABLE.

    Trying to get in with the "Dancing With the Stars" people in advance.

    This picture is just the best.


    They've gotten tons of support from other Olympians, too, which is certainly not a surprise.

    Significant because Aly Reisman's family is basically as famous as she is now.

    Significant because Nadia Comaneci is one of the greatest gymnasts of all time.

    Tap-dancer/West Wing-actor support? Check.

    Scrappy NFL player support? Check.

    Queen Of All Media? Check check check.

    Cutest/most heartwarming exchange: between Gabby Douglas and "Community" star Yvette Nicole Brown.

    And, uh, well, of course: Snooki.