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The Ultimate Faces Of Relief

Memphis survived an upset bid from St. Mary's. And boy, did they look relieved.

Down by five with seven seconds to go, 11-seed St. Mary's hit this absurd bank three to get within two of 6-seed Memphis.

Then, even more absurdly, they forced Memphis to turn the ball over on the inbounds. All of a sudden, St. Mary's had the opportunity to tie or win after being down by five seconds before.

Memphis was nervous, as you might expect.

But, after playing solid defense on the inbounds, Memphis forced a tough last-second heave that went long. Memphis wins a nail-biter, and those dudes were RELIEVED.

Relief Face #1: Triumphant Joy.

Relief Face #2: Disbelieving Shock.

Relief Face #3: Holy SHIT We Are Some Lucky Dudes

Relief Face #4: Oh My God I Need To Get Pumped To Play Basketball Again Because Right Now I Don't Want To Play Basketball Ever Again


Relief Face #6: I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

Relief Face #7: Just Leave Me To My Thoughts

And Relief Face #8: Let's Get The Hell Out Of Here Before They Change The Score