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The 17 Most Ankle-Breaking Basketball Moves Of 2012

It was a landmark year for crossovers in the NBA.

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1. Jamal Crawford on Rudy Gay

It's fitting that we start with Jamal Crawford, because Jamal Crawford is one of the most lethal dribblers in the league. Poor Rudy Gay just doesn't know what to do.


12. Kyrie Irving on Iman Shumpert

Kyrie's started inspiring plenty of "Is he the best dribbler in the league?" discussion, and this juke from his rookie year shows why. Shumpert's a plus defender, too.


13. Marco Belinelli on Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

Neither of these guys are players you tend to associate with athleticism, but here, Belinelli gets the upper hand, and Dunleavy Jr. ends up buried in the hardwood.

16. Joe Johnson on Paul Pierce

We close with two ankle-breakings related by their victim: poor, aging Paul Pierce. In this case, Joe Johnson gets verrrrrrrry low and basically forces Pierce to kneel to him.


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