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2012 Sports

The 27 Must-Read BuzzFeed Sports Articles Of 2012

The best of the sports GIFs, essays, photos, and inspiring stories BuzzFeed brought you this year.

A Year In The Life Of The World's Weirdest Pro Athlete: JaVale McGee's 2012

It was a year full of suspicious babies, Segways, platypuses, and DJ Roombas.

The Sexiest Female Athletes Of 2012

Some athletes you fall in love with. Some you fall in lust with.

23 Best Athlete Instagrams Of 2012

The funny, the heartwarming, and the completely indecipherable.

The 21 Breakout Sports Stars Of 2012 We're Most Psyched About Rooting For

This year, these 21 athletes made the leap from mere fame (or, in some cases, total anonymity) to iconhood. You'll like them — which is good, since we'll all be spending a lot more time with them going forward.

The Year In Adorable GIFs of Dancing Hurdler Michelle Jenneke

This year we all fell in love with the Aussie sprinter, her smile, and her extremely bouncy pre-race routine.

The 21 Funniest Athlete Tweets Of 2012

A distrusting baby, some mind-blowing facts, and general weirdness.

The 17 Most Ankle-Breaking Basketball Moves Of 2012

It was a landmark year for crossovers in the NBA.

The Best Sports Memes Of 2012

The photogenic marathoner, the unimpressed gymnast, and other memes that made for a chuckle-filled 2012 in athletics.

The Most Inspiring Sports Photos Of 2012

It's been a heartwarming, heartwarming year.

The Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2012

The laughs. The falls. The images that move slightly to make the jokes funnier.

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