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The Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2012

The laughs. The falls. The images that move slightly to make the jokes funnier.

1. Derrick Rose doesn't dance, hates LeBron.

2. An NFL sideline reporter has his life flash before his eyes.

3. Brandon Weeden got sacked by the flag.

4. Chris Bosh couldn't high-five.

5. Kentucky fans didn't do much better.

6. LeBron got photobombed by Chris Bosh.

7. David Robinson got photobombed by the greatest photobomber of all time.

8. TNT decided to zoom into Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak's soul.

9. This fan reminded us what joy felt like.

10. Amar'e Stoudemire was a dick and faked out Shane Battier.

11. This kid discovered the joy of boobs and butts.

12. Tom Brady's foul language cracked up Wes Welker.

13. Andrew Bynum hurt himself bowling.

14. David Stern turned into a wrestling villain when he was booed.

15. Elton Brand kicked a soccer ball into Mike Dunleavy Jr.'s face.

16. The Olympics came and Danny Boyle put together a weird opening ceremony.

17. The Olympic athletes without a country had a fun time at the opening ceremonies.

18. Queen Elizabeth loved every second of the opening ceremony.

19. We all met the world's greatest Spanish basketball fan.

20. American Judoka Nick Delpopolo was happy/an '80s teen movie villain.

21. This rhythmic gymnastics coach couldn't make a heart with her hands.

22. Usain Bolt made this kid's life.

23. And then he pranked this volunteer.

24. Nic Batum decided he hated Juan Carlos Navarro's balls.

25. The brutal world of race walking caught up to one walker.

26. Ryan Lochte high-fived himself.

27. Disgusted Olympic coach was disgusted.

28. Aly Raisman's parents were anxious.

29. This guy tried his hand at diving.

30. The Lakers Bros bro'd out.

31. Barry Zito threw the worst pitch of all time.

32. Giants fans of all ages got excited for their team.

33. Mark Sanchez was felled by a butt.

34. Spiderman lived in CC Sabathia's butt.

35. And most unnervingly, Prince Fielder was almost abducted by aliens.