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The 11 Lowlights Of Tim Tebow's Terrible Season As A New York Jet

Not that there were any highlights.

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The Jets cut Tebow this morning; he and the team have already unfollowed each other on Twitter, so you know it's a real break-up. But this means it's time to look back on what was a truly disastrous season for Tebow. Here are the 11 lowlights of his sad tenure as a Jet.

1. The Jets trade for Tebow, and he says the word "excited" 44 times in his first press conference.

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Or, more than once for every two offensive snaps he would play during the season.


10. After the season is over, Tebow plans to speak at racist and homophobic pastor Robert Jeffress' Dallas church, then withdraws due to criticism.

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11. And, most importantly: Jets coach Rex Ryan is photographed with a tattoo of his wife sexily wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey. His wife is not sexily wearing a Tim Tebow jersey.

Happy trails, Tim Tebow: whether it's in the Canadian Football League, the Arena Football League, the NFL, or none of the above, the world will surely be watching.