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Updated on Aug 23, 2020. Posted on Jul 29, 2012

Ryan Lochte Has An American Flag Diamond Grill

Ryan "Lil Jon, Patriot, Bald Eagle" Lochte.

This is Ryan Lochte. Hi, Ryan Lochte! Ryan Lochte (he's got one of those names that needs to be said in full) won the Men's 400m Individual Medley yesterday.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

There he is on the medal stand, looking extremely patriotic.

MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

Speaking of patriotic, Ryan Lochte apparently has a diamond-studded American Flag mouth grill. It's real trill.


His grill better allows him to chomp down on that tasty, tasty gold. Got to make sure it's real, etc. OM NOM NOM.

LEON NEAL / Getty Images

Ryan Lochte also has a tattoo of an alligator on his back, because water and stuff.

Al Bello / Getty Images

Edit: The tattoo is because he went to the University of Florida.

What's that Michael Phelps? You don't have a grill? I wonder why you lost.

MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

I know it's confusing, but swimming has passed you by, Michael. Now you need a grill to win. It's just that simple.

Stu Forster / Getty Images

Right, Ryan Lochte?

LEON NEAL / Getty Images