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People Freaked Out Because A Guy Playing Basketball Has Red Hair

Opinions regarding gingers run wild on Twitter.

This is Joe Willman. He plays for Bucknell and was the best player in their first-round loss to Butler today, scoring 20 points.

Ralph Wilson / AP

He's also a ginger, as Twitter pointed out very, very enthusiastically.

Some made fire-hair jokes.

Others talked about... tickling the cat? What does that mean?

Some thought he looked a little old to be a college student.

Others compared him to basketball's most famous recent ginger, Brian Scalabrine.

Some think Willman's the perfect representative for Bucknell.

Others just really, really don't like gingers?

Some thought he looked like a Weasley because of, yes, the red hair.

Others...god, this is just mean.

Some thought his burning red beard was "marvelous."

Others wrote poems about his prowess.

Some pointed out that not only is he ginger — he's also balding!

And others... man, I had no idea gingers didn't have souls! You learn new things every day.

#NoSouls, yo.