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Magic Johnson Bought The Dodgers For $2 Billion

Tuesday night's all right for spending exorbitant amounts of money on sports teams.

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Magic Johnson leads a group of investors who buy the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2.15 billion

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Twice the bid of the previous highest price for a sports team ever paid ($1.1 billion for the Dolphins three years ago), Johnson's purchase takes Dodgers' management out of the disastrous hands of Frank McCourt. And for that, we can all be thankful.


Los Angeles Lakers 104 — Golden State Warriors 101

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Hey, remember that time Andrew Bynum took a completely inexplicable three-pointer near the end of the third quarter in a tight game where he was bigger than everyone else on the floor by multiple inches?


Milwaukee Bucks 108 — Atlanta Hawks 101

Jeffrey Phelps / AP

The Great Brandon Jennings And Monta Ellis Experiment hit a serious snag on Monday, when the pair went an egregious 8-36 in a loss to the Knicks. But they managed to partially right the ship last night in a crucial W over the Hawks, with Ellis shootings 15-24 for the floor and scoring 33.

Other Scores:

Philadelphia 76ers 103 — Cleveland Cavaliers 85

Memphis Grizzlies 93 — Minnesota Timberwolves 86

San Antonio Spurs 107 — Phoenix Suns 100

Oklahoma City Thunder 109 — Portland Trail Blazers 95

Champions League


Chelsea 1 — Benfica 0


The Blues managed to beat Benfica in their house, giving them a very strong chance of advancing to the semis. And they did it while resting six players, which makes their chances in the next leg look even better.


St. Louis Blues 3 — Nashville Predators 0

Jeff Roberson / AP

The New York Rangers' success has been one of the major stories of this NHL season, but people ignore the fact that in the West, the Blues have managed to match their win total. Another shutout last night certainly doesn't hurt.

Other Scores:

Carolina Hurricans 3 — Toronto Maple Leafs 0

New Jersey Devils 2 — Chicago Blackhawks 1

New York Islanders 5 — Pittsburgh Penguins 3

Buffalo Sabres 5 — Washington Capitals 1

Boston Bruins 5 — Tampa Bay Lighting 2

Florida Panthers 3 — Montreal Canadiens 2

New York Rangers 3 — Minnesota Wild 2