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Kyrie Irving Won All-Star Weekend With The World's Deadliest Crossover

Hands down, no question, Kyrie Irving's high-wattage performance will be the takeaway from the NBA's self-congratulatory three days.

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All-Star weekend is an ephemeral experience for one very good reason: there are no stakes. There is nothing to be gained or lost during the NBA's Kevin Hart festival unless you place a mysterious amount of value on how well Jeremy Lin can throw bounce passes through a ring.

That is, there's little to be gained by winning or losing anything. Rather, the way to imprint on an All-Star weekend is to do one simple thing transcendently, the kind of thing that makes me, watching from my friend's couch with 10 other guys, get up and run around the room screaming until I'm hoarse. Kyrie Irving did that during the Rising Stars Challenge, and he did it to Brandon Knight, who is now the NBA equivalent of Richard Nixon after the JFK debate. Pity poor Brandon Knight.

Just watch this a couple more times — properly absorb the savagery. Let Irving's crossover sink into your marrow; let his step back become a part of you; let Knight's stumbling attempt at defense absolve you of every sin you've ever committed. Revel in the glory and the wonder.


Did I mention that, for an encore, Irving won the three-point contest with one of the highest-ever scores? It goes to show how great his crossover-surgery was in the Rising Stars Game that this seems like no big deal in comparison.

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The fact that Kyrie Irving is only 20 is reason enough to be happy you're alive. Rejoice.