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How To Be A Great Teammate When You're Benched

Shane Battier gives that loving Extra Effort.

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Aside from the star trio of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, Shane Battier's defense and corner 3s have been as essential to the Miami Heat's dominance as anyone else.

But a weird thing happened during the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers: Battier was overwhelmed by the Pacers' huge lineups. To the point that, last night, this happened:

But Battier's a team player — also, old and therefore less surprised by these sorts of things — and he figured out a new way to contribute if he couldn't be playing.

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First game Shane Battier towels off LeBron James, and the Heat win by 23. Coincidence?????

Yeah. Probably a coincidence.


No, definitely a coincidence.

H/T to Dan Devine at Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie

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