Here's The Worst Baseball Slide Of The Season, By A Mile

    Ian Kinsler: take a bow, buddy.

    During Thursday's Tigers-Rangers game, Elvis Andrus hit a routine singler to right field. Ian Kinsler ran from first to third. Everything seemed routine.

    Seemed routine, that is, until the camera cut to Kinsler, lying facedown, his entire body past third base, only his toe touching the bag.

    And then Kinsler sheepishly looks into the camera and grins. Something happened. What happened? WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME, KINSLER.

    Well, his teammates are saying we should look at the replay. (Also, something about moose.) So let's look at the replay.



    Even Rangers manager Ron Washington is amazed. Instead of sliding in normally, Kinsler flops onto his stomach, rams his head into the bag, overshoots it by a yard, and then stabs at it with his foot. Just tremendous work.

    And the best part about it is that Kinsler clearly realizes how goofy he looked.

    Whatever works, Kinsler.