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Golfer Bubba Watson Praises Chris Broussard's Anti-Gay Comments

He also becomes the first pro athlete to use Jason Collins' coming-out as an opportunity to condemn homosexuality.

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Bubba Watson is a professional golfer and the winner of the 2012 Masters. He is also, as he has gone to great pains to point out, a Christian.

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And today, Watson became the first professional athlete to use Jason Collins' coming-out to criticize homosexuality.

He's referencing ESPN analyst Chris Broussard's remarks yesterday on Outside the Lines, in which Broussard called homosexuality a "sin" and said that gay men and women live in "open rebellion to God."

Also yesterday, Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace made some boneheaded comments regarding Collins' sexuality, but he quickly walked them back. Watson's statement, however, comes a day after Collins came out, meaning that he had more than enough time to think about them. And Watson didn't tweet at all about the issue yesterday.

The vast, vast majority of those in the professional-athlete community to voice their opinion have been overwhelming supportive of Collins. Watson appears to decidedly not be.