Tina Turner Was Once Asked If She “Deserved” Her French Estate, And Her Response Is Going Viral As Fans Mourn Her Death

    This clip of Tina Turner's response to Mike Wallace's question in a 1996 60 Minutes interview is resurfacing.

    Tina Turner died Wednesday at the age of 83, and fans (many of whom are also celebrities) are sharing an outpouring of love for the legendary singer.

    tina turner performing

    The tributes have come from the likes of Mick Jagger (who called Tina his “wonderful friend”) and Angela Bassett (who played Tina in the 1993 biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It.)

    mick jagger and tina turner performing

    Among the photos, performance videos, and other memorabilia being shared online is a clip from a 1996 60 Minutes interview between the late journalist Mike Wallace and Tina at her French estate.

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    CBS/60 Minutes / Via youtube.com

    In the clip, Mike and Tina walk around her estate in Nice, France that overlooked the French Riviera.

    Though the interview detailed Tina’s life, including her early career and legendary comeback, Tina’s response to one of Mike’s questions about her life at home is resurfacing (like here and here) in light of her death.

    Tina standing with Mike Wallace

    “You feel like you deserve all this?” Mike asked, in reference to her French estate.

    “I deserve more,” Tina responded, before laughing.

    Damn right she did. Make her response, "I deserve more," your new motto, and check out the full 60 Minutes interview here.