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A Year In The Life Of The World's Weirdest Pro Athlete: JaVale McGee's 2012

It was a year full of suspicious babies, Segways, platypuses, and DJ Roombas.

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JaVale also made huge strides in the field of mobile DJs by attaching speakers to a roomba. DJ Roomba in the HIZZOUSE.



In February, the Wizards established themselves firmly as one of the league's worst teams — JaVale was a starter every night — and JaVale charted two of his greatest plays of all time.

SECOND: After missing a hook shot, JaVale just assumed that the Raptors rebounded the ball, and so he sprinted back on defense — even though Washington still had possession. John Wall was very, very confused.



March was a pivotal month in the year of JaVale. The Wizards traded him to the Denver Nuggets for Nene, meaning that, for the first time in his career, JaVale would actually play for a good team.


April was a dark month, because it was the month we learned that JaVale sold his Segway to Wizards teammate Kevin Seraphin after he got traded.


On a brighter note, we learn from a Sports Illustrated profile that JaVale calls his off-the-backboard self-oop the "Super Hi-Fi Superphonic Supersonic Ultra Intercontinental Bring It Around the World Throw It Off the Back Dunk," which is pretty cool.

We also learned that even Metta World Peace rags on JaVale: "I don't think he watches tape. I think he plays video games, and he could possibly have an Atari."

He had a fantastic performance in Game 5, and his 21 points and 14 rebounds helped the Nuggets take L.A. to seven games. They also led to this legendary moment.

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Unfortunately, JaVale would go only 2-12 in the Nuggets' last two playoff games, at which point they were eliminated by the Lakers.



In June, July, and August, JaVale mostly kept off the radar, which made sense, considering that the NBA was off until the fall. However, there were three major developments in the world of JaVale that are more than worth mentioning.



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JaVale's been pretty good so far during the 2012-13 season: he's posting the best true shooting percentage, blocks- and points-per-game numbers of his career. But for concision's sake, we'll sum up his performance to date in three simple GIFs.

With JaVale around, blessings so abundant EVERY DAY.


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