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A French Basketball Player Savagely Punched A Spanish Player In The Groin

Warning: This may hurt to watch.

Late in today's quarterfinal match between Spain and France, France was fouling to try and catch up. Nic Batum took that a little too far.

Somehow, Batum wasn't thrown out of the game. And his explanation for why he decided to assault Juan Carlos Navarro is, uh, something.

This response is reminiscent of an infamous Dave Cowens quote from a 2007 Bill Simmons column: "Now, our seats were at midcourt, so this happened right in front of us and nearly caused me to pee my pants — as Cowens was running, he snapped and suddenly charged Newlin like a free safety, bodychecked him at full speed (much, MUCH harder than Horry's foul on Nash) and sent poor Newlin careening into the press table at about 35 mph. Then he turned to the same ref and screamed, 'NOW THAT'S A F------- FOUL!'"