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8 Pictures Of Ryan Lochte's Cool Dog

This dog is such a bro.

Thanks to the eye of Michael Katz at USA Today, we came across this AP nugget on Ryan Lochte's cool dog, Carter. Carter likes action movies, since he's a bro. Here are some other things Carter likes.

1. Chillin' by the pool.

2. Poundin' Bud Lights (no lime, bro, ideally #makeitplatinum).

3. Muggin' for the cam.

4. Bronzin' in the summer sun.

5. Catchin' a little napski on the floor after a wild night.

6. Sharin' a snooze with a lovely lady(dog).

7. Broin' out with the bros.


All pics from the OB (original bro) Ryan Lochte's Facebook profile. If you'd like to see more chill visuals, check this out.