15 Hilarious Athlete Twitter Crushes

Thanks to website twitamore.com, we now know the secret, absurd pinings inside these athletes’ hearts.

1. Aww — the Super Bowl MVP and his bank are so close!

2. Skip <3s LeBron, even though he’s made a career of mocking him.

3. Jose Canseco showing an impeccable (lol) taste in music.

4. J.R. Smith loves J.R. Smith, obviously.

5. JaVale McGee loves JaVale McGee, obviously.

6. Nick Collison has blogged for GQ before, and this officially makes him a man of style.

7. Brothers!

8. Stephen Jackson has good taste in names.

9. Simmons + Steiny-Mo.

10. This is good teammate bonding, though unfortunately CP3 doesn’t reciprocate.

11. OK, Steve.

12. You’re not supposed to pick favorites among the press, dude.

13. Ah, yes.

14. This girl’s Twitter bio says she’s Charles Barkley’s #1 fan, so Shaq’s got some work to do.

15. And Tony Allen… Well, Tony Allen is complicated.

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