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    18 People You Will Meet While Backpacking

    You may fall in love with an exotic stranger, or fate may align your path with the best friend you never knew you were missing. And more likely than not, you will meet some very interesting characters whom you'll be happy to leave behind.

    1. The Know-It-All

    2. Accent Whore

    3. Toddlers in Tote

    4. Rude Awakening

    5. The Group of Bros

    6. Freakishly Frugal

    7. The Humble Hunk

    8. Stars and Stripes

    9. Experimental Eddie

    10. The Baby

    11. Stage 5 Clinger

    12. Hot Hippie

    13. Disaster from the Start

    14. The Freeloader

    15. The Smelly Guy

    16. Seeking Solace

    17. The Techie

    18. King (or Queen) of Cards