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26 Signs You Go To Georgia College

Good Ole Georgia's Public Liberal Arts School where Honey Boo Boo happens to reside

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26 Signs You Go to Georgia College

1. You feel more accomplished when you get a good parking spot on campus rather than making an A on an exam or even graduating for that matter

2. Cookout was the best thing that ever happened to this town

3. When you found out Zaxby's took bobcat cards, it was the best day of your life

4. You hate not having game days on Saturday but still feel blessed because you can revive from your Friday hangover

5. Go Greek or Go Home

6. You've paid almost as much money on parking tickets as you did on tuition

7. Doesn't matter if you get lost from your friends downtown because chances are they're in one of three bars

8. SNAP is your saving grace

9. You convince your parents you need money for printing just so they'll give you more cat cash

10. What ATM?

11. Tent city is the closest thing you'll ever get to a football season

12. Two words: Deep Roots

13. You are bound to see several familiar faces on your walk to class

14. The SEC school goers underestimate downtown Milledgeville until they end up with their head in the toilet after a night well spent in Chop's

15. You have a legit fear of appearing on blackout bobcat

16. When people ask you where you go to school, you constantly have to clarify that GCSU is not the same thing as southern or state

17. 99.9% of your classes are in A&S and you dread when the other 0.1% are in Herty

18. You fear the pit, even during day

19. You wonder if GCSU wireless even exists

20. GP does not stand for Georgia Power

21. You avoid the campus organizations tabling like the plague with the exception of homecoming week when free food is involved

22. If you don't post a picture of chalk lake, did you even go?

23. You have speculations that the key ingredient in The Max food is laxatives

24. At some point, you were a pre-nursing major

25. You know how Cap Shitty earned its name

26. You come to GCSU with full intentions of transferring, but somehow end up falling in love with good ole Milly

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