24 Of Elle Woods' Most Iconic Lines Of All Time

    What, like it's hard?

    1. When she didn't let a rude salesperson take advantage of her.

    2. When she couldn't understand why Warner wanted to end their relationship.

    3. When she begged Warner not to break up with her.

    4. When she was heartbroken.

    5. When she came up with this foolproof backup plan.

    6. When she literally applied and got in to Harvard Law School.

    7. When she tried to make friends with all of her new classmates.

    8. When she delivered THE MOST ICONIC LINE OF ALL TIME to Warner and reminded him she could do *anything!*

    9. When she didn't let mean people bring her down.

    10. When she realized Warner was always going to be a jerk.

    11. And when she became determined as hell to prove everyone wrong.

    12. When she reminded her classmates just who they were messing with.

    13. When she was her unique, beautiful self.

    14. When she was one of the only students to get chosen for an internship and shut up her haters.

    15. When she helped her friend, Paulette, flirt with someone she had a crush on.

    16. And when she taught her the most valuable flirtation technique of all time.

    17. When she gave this epic explanation about the connection between exercise and happiness.

    18. When she was well aware of how much men suck.

    19. When she was there for Brooke Windham, despite the fact that her pal was behind bars.

    20. When she had a bad day and was momentarily feeling down.

    21. When Brooke Windham's pool man helped Elle come to an important realization.

    22. When Elle told Warner she needed a boyfriend "who's not such a complete bonehead."

    23. When her fashion sense and knowledge of beauty products saved the day.

    24. And when she reiterated this important lesson, after learning it herself.

    Thanks for all the wisdom, Elle!