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    19 Times "Serendipity" Lied To You About Love

    "If we're meant to meet again, we'll meet again." OR you could just give someone your damn number and use it accordingly.

    1. You probably won't fall in love with someone just hours after meeting them.

    2. Especially if you're already in committed relationships with other people.

    3. Relying on "fortunate accidents" is not a reasonable or logical way to maintain a relationship.

    4. Because fortunate accidents don't happen all that often to begin with.

    5. Like getting on different elevators and pressing the same floor button, for instance.

    6. Or finding your crush's jacket that they left behind on a park bench.

    7. You also wouldn't accidentally touch the old, used gum they tried to hide somewhere, because the odds are slim to none.

    8. Every single solitary thing that does and doesn't happen isn't a magical sign from the universe.

    9. Flying across the country to chase after a stranger you met years ago wouldn't be effortlessly glamourous. If you even did it, it would be *stressful*.

    10. Your fiancé would only be ~ a little ~ bothered if you act super disconnected the night before your wedding.

    11. New York is a huge city, and you won't coincidentally trail the person you're looking for and unknowingly follow them around all day.

    12. Or eventually find them standing in front of you in a romantic bout of snow flurries, no less.

    13. That's a very, very unlikely kind of "happily ever after".

    14. People don't write their phone numbers down in random used books in hopes you'll eventually find it years later.

    15. Similarly, they don't put their phone numbers on dollar bills assuming it'll circle back to you.

    16. And if, in fact, someone DID do that... you would NEVER find the actual book with their phone number.

    17. Nor would you find the dollar bill.

    18. Because the only way to know if you're "meant to be" with someone is if you accidentally cross paths by happenstance.