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23 Times North West's Face Perfectly Described Your Life

So much face.

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1. When you take your first sip of coffee and it brings you to life:

2. When you can't decide on an outfit:

5. When another one of your Facebook friends announces they're engaged:

7. When you can't believe your BFF is letting you do their makeup:

8. When you get to stay in your pajamas all day:

9. When your parents make you pose for the annual holiday card:

10. When your squad is fresher than any other squad:

11. When you try not to read the comments:

12. When you think about how you pity your haters:

13. When your direct deposit hits your account:

14. When you break a glass and hope your roommate doesn't find out:

15. When your parents tell you how proud they are that you got a job:

16. When you can't decide which camera to look at:

17. When you've had a really, really long day:

19. When you wake up before your alarm goes off:

21. When someone's getting out of line:

22. When you try to hide from someone you know in public:


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