This Teenager’s Self-Portraits Perfectly Capture 100 Years Of Fashion

From the 1920s all the way through the 2010s, Annalisa Hartlaub recreated mainstream and counterculture photographs for a class project. The results are incredible.

1. 1920s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

Sixteen-year-old Annalisa Hartlaub never dreamed there’d be such a significant response to the series of self-portraits she created for her photography class.

2. 1930s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

The high school student, who also attends Ohio State University, juxtaposed both mainstream culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades in side-by-side images.

3. 1940s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

“Counterculture fascinates me in the way it shapes values and societies, so when I was assigned a portraiture project I decided I wanted to incorporate that interest into it,” Hartlaub told BuzzFeed.

4. 1950s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

The 1980s photograph is her favorite because she thinks it’s the most accurate and was fun to put together.

5. 1960s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

But Hartlaub’s favorite era of counterculture is the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s.

6. 1970s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

“They completed changed the society and beliefs of the time and went against what was considered to be the acceptable norm,” she explained.

7. 1980s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

Hartlaub hopes that her project encourages and inspires other people to create art.

8. 1990s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

“I created it in a small time window, without a budget, and without any professional background,” the 16-year-old told BuzzFeed.

9. 2000s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

“I feel like those things held me back for a long time…”

10. 2010s

Annalisa Hartlaub / Via

“…I felt like I couldn’t make good photos because I didn’t have a huge camera or funds to buy anything like props or lighting components.”

11. You can check out more of Annalisa Hartlaub’s photography and work on her Tumblr.

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