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This Lin-Manuel Miranda Facebook Memory Is The Hope We All Need Right Now

"You mean these aren't unique snowflake problems that happen to me because I'm a unique snowflake?"

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It's long been established that Lin-Manuel Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, are one of the cutest couples to ever roam the Earth.

Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

Seriously, these two are out-of-control adorable.

Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

💞 💞 💞

Vanessa Nadal / Via Twitter: @VAMNit

And earlier today, Miranda reminded us *just* how cute he and his wife are with this throwback Facebook post from Sept. 2013 in which he describes a conversation between them.

Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

Not only are they *ALL* the relationship goals, but it's basically the best writing advice any of us could ever hear.

Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

We all have trouble in our creative endeavors from time to time — sometimes you just need someone rad in your life to remind you you're not alone.

Lin-Manuel Miranda / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

Thankfully for us, Miranda kept writing and got back to his piano.

CBS / Via

*Takes chapter out of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal's book*

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