This Is How The Internet Is Reacting To Ira Glass Hating Shakespeare

Radio host Ira Glass didst belittle Shakespeare and the internet doth protest.

1. On July 28, radio personality Ira Glass took to Twitter to share his newfound thoughts on Shakespeare.

2. As it turns out, he doesn’t seem to be the Bard’s biggest fan.

3. People on the internet haven’t taken too well to his opinion.

4. But he doesn’t seem to care.

5. Most people on Twitter think Glass is wrong:

"Fuck that dude, Ira Glass" - Shakespeare

— Brett Sandusky (@bsandusky)

Ira Glass was talking trash about Shakespeare, but he's probably jealous because Shakespeare has never even HEARD of him.

— Josh Gondelman (@joshgondelman)

Just fyi @iraglass keeps saying "Shakespeare sucks" and I think he's gone insane.

— Chris Taylor (@christaylor_nyc)

Is Ira Glass trolling with this "Shakespeare is unemotional"stuff? I hope so. He's an ostensibly "smart" guy.

— Frank McDevitt (@frankmcdevitt)

10. Some have his back:

Does this Ira Glass thing mean we all get to stop pretending to enjoy Shakespeare?

— Josh Barro (@jbarro)

@iraglass I totally agree about Shakespeare. It's one of those things you feel pressured to like-liking it says more about status than taste

— Byrd McDaniel (@JohnnyByrdMcD)

12. And others are just having fun with it:

"i remember the day white people were forced to choose between Ira Glass and Shakespeare."

— Josh Oakley (@WineAndPop)

Which do you think would make the audience of @iraglass angrier: him denouncing Shakespeare or criticizing quinoa?

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav)

Please, don't make us choose between @iraglass and William Shakespeare.

— sideshow (@sideshow)

"Hasn't this Shakespeare guy heard of postmodernism?" - Ira Glass, probably

— EPCOT Fitzgerald (@mttbry)

16. One reporter, Lois Beckett, even started tweeting a satirical combination of Glass’ radio show and King Lear, This American Lear:

*Goneril voice-over* "And then...I don't know how to describe dad just started acting crazy. He wanted to keep all his employees..."

— Lois Beckett (@loisbeckett)

*Regan voice-over* "And he kept running outside in the middle of the night--it was scary!*

— Lois Beckett (@loisbeckett)

*Goneril voice-over* "And what I didn't realize, was that, dealing with my dad's dementia, all of our other family tensions would come out"

— Lois Beckett (@loisbeckett)

IRA GLASS VOICEOVER: "....We called Cordelia, the third daughter, for comment, but she never replied."

— Lois Beckett (@loisbeckett)

*INTERSTITIAL LUTE MUSIC, RUMBLES OF THUNDER* "When we return, part 3: The Storm. What does it really mean to be grateful to your parents?"

— Lois Beckett (@loisbeckett)

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