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    22 Things Everyone Who Loves Paper Books Understands

    Old book smell forever.

    1. The pure enjoyment of spending hours wandering around charming, independent bookstores.

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    2. And discovering awesome new bookstores you had no idea existed.

    3. Seriously, you just go bazoingos over the sight of paper books.

    4. The absolute thrill of giving someone a physical copy of your favorite book as a gift.

    5. Because sending someone an electronic copy just isn’t the same.

    6. When you find used copies of books that other people have written special notes in.

    7. The history behind rare, old books completely fascinates you.

    8. Three words: old book smell.

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    9. Being able to highlight, underline, and write notes in the margins.

    10. Then finding the notes you made when you go back and reread the book again.

    11. There’s a pride in the simple, beautiful aesthetic of having them around your home.

    12. How pretty your book collection looks when you put them all together.

    13. Especially since personal libraries say a lot about a person.

    14. There’s a certain kind of romance that comes along with a paper book.

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    15. (And there’s a reason people don’t fall in love at e-book cafes!)

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    16. Your childhood books hold sentimental value not just because of the words, but because of the objects themselves.

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    17. Even though they’re heavier, it’s always fun to pack a suitcase full of books.

    18. And they even make a nice accessory if you carry one with you wherever you go.

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    19. That indescribable feeling you get when you hold a book in your hand.

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    20. At some point, you’ve probably purchased an e-reader because it seemed like the logical thing to do.

    21. But you still continue to read and buy books the old fashioned way.

    22. Because there’s nothing like holding a work of literature in your hands, filled with imaginative ideas and words.

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