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19 Things Everyone Who Dates A Book Addict Should Know

Books are for lovers.

1. If you're lucky enough to date someone who's obsessed with books, know that you're in for a truly unique experience.

2. Because there's no one else out there quite like a book lover.

3. For starters, you'll never run out of book recommendations and will always have someone to go to when you need a new book to read.

4. But while you're highly encouraged to borrow books, it's absolutely necessary that you return them in a timely manner.

5. And under no circumstances should you highlight or take your own notes in them. That's a job for the original book owner only.

6. Most — if not all — of your conversations will revolve around literary ongoings.

7. Your boo is going to NEED some quiet, alone time to read by themselves.

8. And you shouldn't talk to them while they're reading because even if they love you, they will fight you.

9. Don't ask "Didn't you read that already?" or "Do you really need another version of that book?" No one has time for those questions.

10. Giving your favorite book as a present is super thoughtful and will always be more appreciated.

11. Just accept the constant influx of books coming in and out of your significant others' life. (Srsly, just accept it.)

12. Do *not* criticize their organizational system or dare to rearrange their books. Bookshelves are a sacred space.

13. Be prepared to help carry their giant load of books back to the library.

14. If you end up moving in with your significant other, don't expect them to pare down their personal library. You can just get rid of your pet or something to make more room.

15. When you go on road trips and vacations, understand that this is reading time. Bae is too busy to entertain you right now.

16. Not to mention, vacation also means prioritizing visiting cool local bookstores just as much as going to other local tourist attractions.

17. If there's a new movie out based on a book, you won't be going until you read the original book. Don't even try asking.

18. A shared affinity for reading books never hurt anyone who dates a book nerd, either.

19. Keep in mind that you shouldn't be offended if it feels like you're coming second because as great as you are...

...reading is our first love <3.

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