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    Kanye West Perfectly Responded To Drake's "Nice Pool" Lyric

    You tried it, Drizzy.

    Drake and Kanye are pretty cool with each other.

    Which is why it probably wasn't a malicious diss when Drizzy said that he had a bigger pool than Yeezy on his new track, "Summer Sixteen."

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    But obviously the internet went in.

    And people couldn't help but wonder...does Drake actually have a bigger pool than Kanye?


    So when Kanye called in to radio host Big Boy's show, the Neighborhood, he was asked, "Is Drake's pool really bigger than yours?"

    MTV / Via

    Without missing a beat, the rapper replied, "I have three pools."

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    Then there was literal radio silence as everyone waited for him to say more. But that was all Kanye had to say. "That's it. That's my answer."

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    *Mic drop*


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