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The 14 Smartest Dogs In All Of History

Putting humans to shame since the dawn of time.

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1. This dog who came up with the concept for the latest iOS software program.

Javier Brosch / Getty Images

2. These dogs who graduated with Ph.D.s in philosophy from the University of Oxford.

Dorottya_mathe / Getty Images

3. This dog whose internet hacking skills landed her a job in the CIA.

Leungchopan / Getty Images

4. This dog who read so many books he needed a stronger lens prescription.

Graphicphoto / Getty Images

5. This dog who finished The Iliad and Odyssey all in one sitting.

Esp2k / Getty Images

6. These dogs who invented new, state of the art selfie technology.

Damedeeso / Getty Images

7. This dog who holds the record for most global chess championships.

Vivienstock / Getty Images

8. This dog who won the Nobel Prize for Economics ten years in a row.

Javier Brosch / Getty Images

9. This dog who can read an entire newspaper in under 3 minutes.

Damedeeso / Getty Images

10. This dog who revolutionized the entire subject of Geometry with his one theory.

Underworld111 / Getty Images

11. This dog who wrote the next great American novel.

Razoomgames / Getty Images

12. This dog who wrote his college thesis in a single afternoon.

Minemero / Getty Images

13. This dog who invented a texting app that everyone in the world can use on any phone.

Suemack / Getty Images

14. This dog who was mentored by Albert Einstein, himself.

Javier Brosch / Getty Images

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