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The Powerful T-Shirt One Woman Wore To New York Fashion Week

"They have names."

Shiona Turini, the fashion market director at Cosmopolitan Magazine, wore this T-Shirt to New York Fashion Week on Thursday, Sept. 11.

Vivien Killilea / Via Getty Images

The shirt includes the names of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and other black men who have been shot and killed.

Vivien Killilea / Via Getty Images

Turini, who was at the En Noir fashion show, shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, "#TheyHaveNames. Thank you @pyermoss. I'm proud to honor the memory of these lost souls #justice #myblackisbeautiful #mymenarevaluable #saveoursons"

Pyer Moss, a luxury menswear designer who Turini thanked for the T-Shirt, also wore the same shirt to fashion week.

And it's pretty powerful.

Vivien Killilea / Via Getty Images
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