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Everyone's Heading Straight To The Gym Because Of Teyana Taylor

"Well I'm not missing another day at the gym, thank you Teyana Taylor."

Last night at the VMAs, Kanye West premiered his new music video for "Fade" starring Teyana Taylor, and it was really something.


Basically, Teyana looked...really good.


Like, straight fire.


🔥 🔥 🔥


Everyone on the internet was impressed, to say the least.

My body will never look like Teyana Taylor's and somehow I have to learn to be okay with that.

And it looks like humanity has collectively decided to head right to the gym.

Me: Teyana Taylor looks amazing. I need to get in the gym or something. Me, seconds later: *eats whipped cream straight from the can*

Teyana Taylor's body is my new gym motivation 😂

Teyana Taylor is gonna be responsible for so many new gym memberships tomorrow

I mean, talk about some inspiration.

I'm about to record the rest of the VMA's cause I'm headed to the gym! TEYANA TAYLOR...GIRLLLLLLLLLL

Teyana Taylor body make me want to go to the gym RIGHT NOW !!!!!

WHOAAAA! Teyana Taylor. What gym she works out at? #VMAs

Teyana Taylor just motivated me even more to go harder in the gym. Did you see that body? SNATCHED.


After watching Teyana Taylor I wanna hit the gym. Body goals

Teyana Taylor has inspired me to start going to the gym so I can eventually recreate that scene for the culture.

me running to the gym after i seen teyana taylor's body

Well I'm not missing another day at the gym, thank you Teyana Taylor.

See y'all at the gym!


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