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23 Reasons "The Handmaid's Tale" Is The Best Novel Of All Time

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a dystopian novel about the role of women in a totalitarian state. It's also one of the best books ever written.

1. Even though The Handmaid's Tale was published 30 years ago, the book is still widely read and beloved by readers around the world to this day.

2. A lot of people even think this literary classic is one of the best pieces of literature ever written.

3. The Handmaid’s Tale does a great job of highlighting issues around violence against women.

4. And makes you think harder about how religion influences politics.

5. The story forces you to consider how society places value on women, their bodies, and reproductive rights.

6. And is responsible for many readers’ feminist awakenings.

7. It's such a compelling story that it was adapted into a movie in 1990, as well as in countless other mediums like radio, opera, theater, and ballet.

8. And receives lots of international love since it's been translated into 35 different languages around the world.

9. The author makes the Republic of Gilead seem like a truly terrifying place, which is just the product of great writing.

10. And the book is full of valuable quotes like this:

11. And you can't forget this:

12. Quotes from The Handmaid’s Tale are so beautiful, they even make for great tattoos and body art.

13. They’ve become so popular that they’ve even been normalized as pop culture references.

14. Sometimes people even use the references in everyday conversation.

15. Despite the fact that it’s been banned from high schools and libraries, The Handmaid’s Tale has sold millions of copies.

16. And transformed the minds and hearts of so many book lovers.

17. You find yourself rooting for Offred (the main character) and the rest of the handmaids to have the best outcome possible.

18. It’s taught people about the importance of independence and questioning authority.

19. And has empowered people to think for themselves outside of conventional social norms.

20. Thirty years later, The Handmaid’s Tale is still relevant and beloved amongst readers, new and old.

21. “Nothing makes me more nervous than people who say, ‘It can’t happen here,’” Atwood recently said about people interpreting the events in her book. “Anything can happen anywhere, given the right circumstances.”

22. The book is full of gems of wisdom and beautiful prose.

23. And always remember the book's more important lesson: "don't let the bastards grind you down."