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    19 Reasons High Heels Should Be Banned

    Ban all the heels.

    1. Because they're more painful than life itself.

    2. Because they can lead to great disasters.

    3. Because wearing heels means you're never safe.

    4. Because you can embarrass yourself in front of people.

    5. Because high heels can ruin a precious memory.

    6. Because you become your own worst enemy.

    7. Because they're definitely not as glamorous as you think.

    8. Because they can make walking pretty difficult.

    9. Because sometimes it's just hard to maintain your balance.

    10. Because do you really want to struggle like this?

    11. Because you will just end up taking them off anyway.

    12. Because even when you think you've got it, you really don't.

    13. Because they're not always stable.

    14. Because as hard as you try, chances are you won't look graceful.

    15. Because they're not always a good idea for a night out.

    16. Because they make you look bad in public.

    17. Because they're awkward, clunky feet traps.

    18. Because you will end up on your ass.

    19. Because no one looks cute running around in heels. No one.

    Unless you look like this while wearing them, in which case...carry on.